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We’re Expanding!


Investing in our Customers and The Future: Project Phoenix

Setting the stage for growth into 2020 and beyond, we are excited to announce our move to a brand new location on Salish Sea Way. Project Phoenix is a committee of staff and managers that will be guiding the transition process for moving in to our new warehouse and office called Salish Sea Way. We’ve built this portal to ensure that everyone who works with us can stay up to date with all the details.

If you have questions, reach out to your contact at Canadian Alliance, or check the list of Pillar Leaders below.

We will transition operations from our Elmbridge location to Salish Sea Way no later than June 29th 2020. There will be no disruptions of service for our customers. Further information for our operations at our Derwent and Hopcott locations will be detailed at a later time.

Project Progress Update

Planning & Logistics Progress 35%
Construction Progress 20%
Facility Transition 0%
Total Progress 19%


The Warehouse, Safety, and Food Safety pillars will be conducting separate collaborative meetings once a week moving forward. We are open to have new members to join these meetings and will be offering ways to join in on the meetings via call-in or Google hangouts.

The Quality Pillar has been working on implementing 5S strategies at the Elmbridge Office. 5s is a Japanese workplace organization methodology, which you can read more about here. The team has successfully facilitated a 5S procedure for all Elmbridge office staffs desks. The outcomes of both exercises is to eliminate waste and to produce a efficient and orderly work environment. 

The latest view from the property – Canadian Alliance Facility at Salish Sea Way, August 27, 2019 (Scroll down for a full gallery from the Wall Raising Ceremony)
Canadian Alliance Salish Sea Way August 27, 2019

Leaders of Pillars within Phoenix



1. Quality Matt Yu
2. Office Liana Olson, Palak Gandhi, Han Lee
3. Warehouse Tyler Garnes and Vishwa Mootooveeren
4. I.T. William McKinnon
5. Safety Tyler Garnes
6. Transportation Tyler Garnes, Alicia Xu and Dino Salkić
7. Staffing and Resources Tyler Garnes and Liana Olson
8. Finance Terri Yan
9. Food Safety Jerry Shen
10. Communications Dino Salkić

For Canadian Alliance Employees

Project Phoenix Charter

“To transition our people processes and infrastructure into the Salish Sea Way Distribution Center without any disruptions to our external or internal customers on or before June 29, 2020”

Who is Involved

  • All employees are welcome to join Project Phoenix to participate in the transition
  • Sub-divisions have been established to plan and implement different aspects of the move
  • Join any Pillar, contact a leader today

Move to be completed by June 29th 2020

Project Phoenix goal is to complete the move in to Salish Sea Way with no disruptions to our customers

Common Questions

1. Warehouse closing dates?

Elmbridge and Derwent Close June 29th 2020 and Hopcott November 29th, 2020.

2. What will happen with my product? – No Disruption for service

Project Phoenix is building a process flow that will systematically execute transition of customers from warehouse in to Salish Seaway. Transitional operations are to be done after hours and on weekends to minimize customer order disruptions.

3. Who is organizing move?

Project Phoenix was established to plan and execute the move and created 10 Organizational Pillars within the project group that focus on specific areas related to the transition.

If you have questions – please send them to

August 27, 2019 Wall Raising Ceremony Photo Gallery